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HiDownload is leader of all-in-one stream downloader that aims to download streaming video and audio, enabling you to download movies, music and capture streaming video and audio, record radio from Internet. Support MMS, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP stream protocols.

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Key Features :

Download RTMP

Download RTSP

Download MMS

HiDownload help you download flv video from all the popular flv video websites, and Flv Filter help you get the actual flv video address. Support RTMP Stream
HiDownload is the easiest way to download streaming video and audio from windows streaming media server through MMS, RTSP and HTTP protocols, suppport all the window stream formats(wmv, asf, wma, asx, wvx, wax, ...)
HiDownload is the best way to download MP3 Streaming from, IceCast and other mp3 streaming websites.
HiDownload is the powerful way to download and record Real Video and Audio from Real Media Server through RTSP, PNM and HTTP protocols , Support All RealMedia streaming formats(rm, ra, rmvb, ram, smil, smi, pnm, ...)
HiDownload can download p2p tv streaming from tvants p2p tv player, save p2p tv video and audio to PC.
HiDownload can also record QuickTime streaming Video or Audio content from quicktime streaming media server, and support .mov, .mp4 streaming formats.
HiDownload offer the podcast manager, help you download podcast and easy to manage them.
The Live Manager help you schedule and manage the live streaming.
Sniffer help you capture stream's link(URL) (HiDownload Platinum version)
Media Converter help you convert downloaded video and audio to other formats
Free Download HiDownload Platinum
How to download stream video and audio, What is the key

How to download flv video from

Now, HiDownload download high quality video automatically

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Download Stream Video & Audio
Download RTMP,RTMPT Streaming
Download MMS,MMST,MMSU Streaming
Download RTSP,PNM
Download FLV, MP4
Download WMV, ASF
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Download Windows Streaming Media
Download RealMedia Video and Audio
Download MP3 Streaming
Download Quicktime Streaming
Download Flv Streaming
Download P2P TV Streaming
Download Podcast
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User Reviews
  CableguyTK: Streaming Windows Media has met its match
Its a great download manager which downloads streaming media better than every other download manager.
It downloads the following protocols to my knowledge: mms://, .asx, .asf, streaming WMV. That is all I have fed it as far as streaming content goes.
It also downloads normal content that isnt streaming.
  Quickcommenter:Terrific for saving streaming media!
If you're looking for a way to save those RealMedia or Windows MediaPlayer streams (audio or video), look no further. This product does the job superbly!
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