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Flv Streaming Media - HiDownload as Flv Downloader, download flv videos from any sites, save flv to watch them offline.

How to download Youtube video:

HiDownload offer the best and simplest way to download flv video from youtube.Just copy the link, and add to HiDownload, you can get immediately flash video(.flv) or the higher quality video(.MP4).

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How to Download Flv video from RTMP Stream Server.

HiDownload 7.5 and higher version support to download rtmp stream, read: >>

How to download flv video from other social and video websites(HTTP Protocol):

HiDownload offer "Flv Filter" tool to help you get the flv downloadable URL, and download them.

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If you can not get the flv video's URL by "Flv Filter", then try "URL Helper" to capture the address.

Now, Some websites have used RTMP protocol to play flv video, so you may need our other software "FLV Recorder".

All Flv Video websites If you know more flv video website, please tell us, thanks.

Add "Flv Robot" feature in HiDownload 7.07 or higher version, easy to search and download flv video files

You can also use "URL Helper" to capture the flv downloadable address, then download flv video by HiDownload.

Prove URL Helper, HiDownload as Flv Downloader(Flv Grabber):

  NFL Video Downloader(How to download NFL flv videos)
  ABC Video Downloader(How to download ABC videos)

Download Flv video from flv websites

How to record/download rtmp streaming video and audio

How to play the downloaded flv files

"Flv Recorder" have a free build-in flv player, you can play local flv files or online flv video.

What is RTMP Protocol

Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Adobe Systems (formerly developed by Macromedia) that is primarily used with Adobe Flash Media Server to stream audio, video, and data over the internet to the Adobe Flash Player client.

RTMP can be used for Remote Procedure Calls. RTMP maintains a persistent connection with an endpoint and allows real-time communication. Other RPC services are made asynchronously with a single client/server request/response model, so real-time communication is not necessary.

The protocol is being reverse engineered by the Red5 open source project.

The default connection port for RTMP is 1935.


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